Turmeric “the breakout star of the pack,”

Turmeric “the breakout star of the pack,” says 2016 Food Trend Report from Google


The study, published April 29th, analyzed two years’ worth of data to come up with a synopsis of what consumers in the US have been cooking, eating and Googling over the last two years.

One of the biggest emerging food trends, according to the study, is “functional foods with health-boosting properties that claim to help with everything from better skin, libido, depression, insomnia and pain.”

And turmeric, whose health properties range from reducing the risk of cancer to easing depression, aiding digestion, treating ulcerative colitis, staving off heart disease and killing bacterial and viral infections is the rock star of the group.

Over the last five years, online searches for turmeric have grown 300 percent.  

Although most of us became acquainted with turmeric in delicious curries, the Google trend report found, as we have, that many of the searches linked turmeric with terms such as smoothie, drink and juice.

With so many additional ways to incorporate turmeric into your life, it is the perfect time to reacquaint you with Secret Beach Organics farm, located on over 100 acres, just above Secret Beach in Kilauea, Kauai.

In 2009, our health-conscious family opted for a change of pace from our busy California business/social lifestyle and decided to create a sustainable off-grid organic farm with our own deep water well.

We wanted it to be a fun learning experience that would provide fruits and vegetables for our family, locals, and delicious treats for visitors to this garden island.

We were lucky enough to understood the value of turmeric and are now are able to ship fresh organic foods from our farm directly to you – those on the U.S. mainland and Hawaiian Islands.

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